Definition:  Nausea and subsequent vomiting is a diagnosis given to a patient who experiences symptoms of nausea as the direct result of many stimuli which include, but are not limited to: motion sickness, “car sickness” gastrointestinal infection, perioperative sedation, anesthesia, pain, consumption of opiate pain medication, pregnancy

Associated symptoms:

  • pain, vertigo
  • light headedness

Preceding events:

  • Anticipation of a surgical procedure, anxiety, initiation of intravenous access, rides at an amusement park, consumption of contaminated food, or excessively rich food
  • Post-operative vertigo, pain, recovery from general anesthetic or IV sedation

Relieving factors:

  • Purging of perioperative anesthetic agents, opiates, vomiting, management of pain, and avoidance of motion stimuli
  • Purging of causal toxic gastric contents

Duration of symptoms:  minutes to hours with relief obtained by cessation of nauseating stimuli.

Standard treatments:

  • Diet/Lifestyle: avoid amusement park type rides, avoid contaminated or rich foods
  • Medications: Anti-nausea medications: Phenergan-oral or suppository, Zofran-oral/sublingual or suppository
  • Interventions/surgery:  Intravenous fluid/saline administration for dehydration and electrolyte imbalance
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